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(Dallas, Houston, Denver and Minneapolis). Told that the NFL planned to stick with 12 teams, the group decided to add members and start their own league. By 1960, the AFL was ready for business and began operations in eight cities. Despite small crowds, low TV ratings, difficulty signing the best college players, and having to abandon
Wholesale jerseys two different towns, the AFL overcame all adversity, and by 1965, thanks to a lucrative television deal with NBC, was ready to start competing with the NFL from a position of strength. It was about this time when thoughts of a merger between the two leagues began. In 1966, an agreement was made which begat the Super Bowl, but also meant the eventual demise of the AFL, as the two leagues combined to form one entity. with a Cause is rich with archive footage, and includes interviews with many of the AFL key figures, several who have
Cheap NFL jerseys passed on since the documentary first airing. Al Davis, Jack Kemp, John Madden, Hank Stram, Lamar Hunt, Abner Haynes and Joe Namath

in Burleson, Granbury and Waxahachie. The company expanded that facility in 2012, raising speculation that it was planning to enter the Dallas market. The company’s stores already cover much of the state of Texas. "They absolutely dominate Austin and San Antonio and apparently Houston soon," Smith said. Supermarket News, a grocery trade magazine, published a story this month with the headline: "How H E B became Houston’s hometown grocer." Ed Wulfe, chief executive of Wulfe Co., a Houston real estate brokerage, said H E B has been "systematically growing in Houston. They are very careful and conservative. They studied the market and had a game plan." H E B came into Houston in the 1990s with small 20,000 square foot Pantry stores. In the 2000s, it started building H E B stores there. In recent years, H E B has been neck and neck with Kroger and Wal Mart in Houston, each with market shares of about 20 percent. H E B is expected to take the lead in Houston soon

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